More about the ISIC Event

The annual ISIC Event is a unique and dynamic annual event for key organisations engaged with the international student community and the ISIC card.

The  ISIC Event is the top event each year for ISIC card issuers and a valuable event for ISIC global partners, endorsement partners, student organisations and other associations looking to reach and support the international student community. The ISIC Event creates a platform for collaboration and inspiration, resulting in greater innovation, and improved benefits and engagement in the world of ISIC, where students are at the core.

First introduced in 2011, each year the ISIC Event is held in a country that showcases an important aspect of the ISIC cards history or development.

Previous ISIC Events:

2011 ISIC Event – Tallin
2012 ISIC Event – Miami
2013 ISIC Event – Copenhagen (ISIC 60th Anniversary)
2014 ISIC Event – Seoul
2015 ISIC Event – Belgrade
2016 ISIC Event – Toronto
2017 ISIC Event – Berlin
2018 ISIC Event – Taipei
2019 ISIC Event – Thessaloniki
2020 ISIC Event at Home – online
2021 ISIC Event – Dubai
2022 ISIC Event – Belgrade

ISIC Event Belgrade 2022

The 11th ISIC Event took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade, Serbia from Monday 9th to Friday 13th of May 2022. The event was organized in a hybrid format allowing ISIC members to attend in person and online as well, with an increase of people attending the Event in person compared to last year.

The 2022 Event 3-days program consisted of intensive and interactive sessions.

The first day was dedicated to Subcommittees’ presentations who presented their work in the past 6 months. After the Subcommittee presentations, participants had a welcome reception at the City Hall Assembly, where the speakers, including the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Serbia, Deputy Mayor of Tirana (European youth capital for 2022), and the Deputy CEO of Serbia Convention Bureau and Chairman of the ISIC Association Board wished a pleasant and fruitful conference to all participants of the ISIC Event 2022 Belgrade.

The Annual General Meeting was held on the second day, during which changes to the Constitution and Convention were approved, new Board members were chosen, and also new ER (Ireland) was voted. The program included Innovation&Creative Workshop which was well received by participants. This year’s Event introduced the Student panel, during which we had the opportunity to hear students’ experiences, their views on issues and challenges they are facing with, and suggestions on the further development of the ISIC card. Presentation by our valued sponsor SheerID was held on the second day as well.

The last day of the ISIC Event consisted of PERs’ presentations appointed last year; B2B academic and financial partnerships sessions and social media sessions. Taking into account the success of the last year’s panel called ’New opportunities’, it was held this year too, with panelists from DG EAC, CNOUS, EYCA, ESN, ESU, and ISIC with the main topic of development and implementation of the European Student Card.

This Event gathered the ISIC Members from over 50 countries, sponsors, and partners with aim of networking, sharing experiences, and learning about new opportunities for further development.