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About us

The ISIC Association is the non-profit organisation behind the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The ISIC card is the only internationally accepted proof of bona fide student status.

Our mission

First created by students in 1953, the ISIC card is now issued to students in over 130 countries. The ISIC card is not exclusive. The mission of the ISIC Association is to provide all bona-fide students, regardless of their nationality, race, gender or religion, with the opportunity to prove their student status in every country worldwide, via an official and affordable identifier of student status. This unique identifier aims to allow students access to preferential travel opportunities, specially negotiated services, discounts and experiences in every area and stage of student life, consequently reducing the cost of being a student.

The ISIC Association aims to play a supporting role in improving intercultural understanding, increasing educational opportunities and facilitating student life across the world. The ISIC card has been endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 1968. The ISIC card is endorsed by a wide range of national governments, ministries of education and tourism, student organisations and universities worldwide.

The ISIC card and ISIC Association is managed at a global level by the ISIC Service Office.

For further information about ISIC and the ISIC Association, please download the 2019 ISIC Association Annual Report.

How we work

A non-profit organisation, the ISIC Association consists of 54 member organisations from across the globe. Association members hold the exclusive license to distribute, promote and develop the ISIC card within their territory or country.


The ISIC Association is governed by the ISIC Association Constitution and Convention and overseen by the 10 member ISIC Association Board. Board members are elected by their peers at the Annual General Meeting held in May as part of the ISIC Event. Day-to-day central administration and operations are undertaken by the ISIC Service Office located in Belgrade.


The ISIC card is distributed in close to 130 countries through a network of ISIC Exclusive Representatives, Provisional Exclusive Representatives and Appointed Offices. Exclusive Representatives and Provisional Exclusive Representatives  have the exclusive authority to distribute, promote and develop the ISIC card within their country. Usually ISIC Exclusive Representatives are organisations such as student travel organisations, national student unions, non-government organisations or companies solely dedicated to the ISIC card.

ISIC cardExclusive Representatives and Provisional Exclusive Representatives each issue the ISIC card to students through their own outlets, stores or online, and via wholesale distribution agreements with other organisations such as universities and financial institutions. The network of Exclusive Representatives makes up the 54 ISIC Association member organisations.

An Appointed Office is an alternative outlet where a student can get their ISIC card. Appointed Offices are either selected by the Exclusive Representative or are appointed directly by the ISIC Service Office.

Interested in becoming an Appointed Office or Provisional Exclusive Representative? Find out how.

Our history

The ISIC card was first created by students for students in 1953. The decision to create the ISIC card was an initiative of the Norwegian and Dutch Union of Students, supported by the Coordinating Secretariat of National Unions of Students (COSEC) of Denmark. Together at the 3rd International Student Conference they collectively made the decision to “take the necessary steps to ensure that an International Student Identity Card be made available as soon as possible in as large a part of the world as possible.”

Originally the ISIC card was a student identity card that gave fulltime students world access to special discounted airfares. In order to get discounted airfares students bought an ISIC card allowing cardholders to explore the world and discover new countries and cultures. This supported the ISIC card’s pioneering mission statement: “Increasing international understanding through the promotion of travel and exchange opportunities among students, young people and the academic community

2013 marked the 60th Anniversary of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). To recognise ISIC’s 60 years of history a short documentary featuring interviews with key people central to the ISIC card’s significant milestones in the past and present.

ISIC 60th Anniversary documentary from ISIC Service Office on Vimeo.

 A change in focus

ISIC continues to be the only internationally recognised proof of student status. However, the growth of discounted airfares online has changed the ISIC card focus. The availability of cheap online flights has led to the decrease in ISIC card sales in the new millennium for simply travel related purposes. Today, the portfolio of benefits and discounts accessible with the ISIC card goes far beyond travel alone. The ISIC card is now also an everyday use student lifestyle card. Cardholders still enjoy discounts and services on travel opportunities. In addition, students gain preferential access to over 150,000 products, services or experiences in every stage and area of student life, both at home and abroad.

Want to know more on the history of ISIC? View the latest timeline featured in the 2017 ISIC Association Annual Report.

Facts & figures

Present in close to 130 countries and territories worldwide, and over 100 million valid cardholders since its creation, ISIC is the only internationally recognised proof of student status.

Quick facts and figures.:

  • The ISIC card was first created by students for students in 1953
  • In 2013 ISIC celebrated its 60th Anniversary
  • Currently distributed to students in over 130 countries
  • Cardholders gain access to 150,000+ relevant, especially negotiated discounts and services worldwide
  • unwto_150x150All bona fide full time students over the age of 12 years are eligible for an ISIC card
  • Endorsed by UNESCO since 1968
  • Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization
  • Affiliate Member of the International Association of Universities
  • Over 155 active endorsements of the ISIC card exist worldwide
  • 10 percent of all ISIC cards carry MasterCard payment functionality
  • More than 1.5 million Facebook fans globally
  • 70+ national ISIC websites targeting students at a local level
  • ISIC Association also manages the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) and International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC)

For further information, please read the 2017 ISIC Annual Report.


ISIC Event

More about the ISIC Event

The annual ISIC Event is a unique and dynamic annual event for key organisations engaged with the international student community and the ISIC card.

The  ISIC Event is the top event each year for ISIC card issuers and a valuable event for ISIC global partners, endorsement partners, student organisations and other associations looking to reach and support the international student community. The ISIC Event creates a platform for collaboration and inspiration, resulting in greater innovation, and improved benefits and engagement in the world of ISIC, where students are at the core.

First introduced in 2011, each year the ISIC Event is held in a country that showcases an important aspect of the ISIC cards history or development.

Previous ISIC Events:

2011 ISIC Event – Tallin
2012 ISIC Event – Miami
2013 ISIC Event – Copenhagen (ISIC 60th Anniversary)
2014 ISIC Event – Seoul
2015 ISIC Event – Belgrade
2016 ISIC Event – Toronto
2017 ISIC Event – Berlin
2018 ISIC Event – Taipei
2019 ISIC Event – Thessaloniki
2020 ISIC Event at Home – online
2021 ISIC Event – Dubai
2022 ISIC Event – Belgrade

ISIC Event Belgrade 2022

The 11th ISIC Event took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade, Serbia from Monday 9th to Friday 13th of May 2022. The event was organized in a hybrid format allowing ISIC members to attend in person and online as well, with an increase of people attending the Event in person compared to last year.

The 2022 Event 3-days program consisted of intensive and interactive sessions.

The first day was dedicated to Subcommittees’ presentations who presented their work in the past 6 months. After the Subcommittee presentations, participants had a welcome reception at the City Hall Assembly, where the speakers, including the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Serbia, Deputy Mayor of Tirana (European youth capital for 2022), and the Deputy CEO of Serbia Convention Bureau and Chairman of the ISIC Association Board wished a pleasant and fruitful conference to all participants of the ISIC Event 2022 Belgrade.

The Annual General Meeting was held on the second day, during which changes to the Constitution and Convention were approved, new Board members were chosen, and also new ER (Ireland) was voted. The program included Innovation&Creative Workshop which was well received by participants. This year’s Event introduced the Student panel, during which we had the opportunity to hear students’ experiences, their views on issues and challenges they are facing with, and suggestions on the further development of the ISIC card. Presentation by our valued sponsor SheerID was held on the second day as well.

The last day of the ISIC Event consisted of PERs’ presentations appointed last year; B2B academic and financial partnerships sessions and social media sessions. Taking into account the success of the last year’s panel called ’New opportunities’, it was held this year too, with panelists from DG EAC, CNOUS, EYCA, ESN, ESU, and ISIC with the main topic of development and implementation of the European Student Card.

This Event gathered the ISIC Members from over 50 countries, sponsors, and partners with aim of networking, sharing experiences, and learning about new opportunities for further development.

ISIC Award

The ISIC Award recognises and rewards organisations working on a global scale to reduce social, economic and cultural barriers and increase access to education. The ISIC Award is awarded annually as part of a special ceremony during the ISIC Event.

The ISIC Award winner receives a €10,000 EUR (USD 13,500) financial contribution to support the continuation of their outstanding work.

Purpose of the ISIC Award

Becoming a student in many countries remains a luxury that not everyone can attain. The ISIC Association wants to ensure individuals who aspire to participate in higher education have the help and resources to enable them to do so. The intention of the ISIC Award is to support existing education accessibility initiatives.

ISIC Award

Each year the ISIC Award winner is nominated and selected by ISIC’s global partners, card issuers and students worldwide.

The 2016 ISIC Award

Four finalists shortlisted for this year’s ISIC Award were:

  1.  The Cangdong Heritage Education project 
  2. CISV International
  3. International Student Exchange Program, ISEP
  4. International Federation of Medical Student’s Associations, IFMSA

All four finalists were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Proven successful results in the area of improving education accessibility
  • Overall impact and contribution to the area of improving education accessibility
  • A focus on higher (tertiary) education
  • Alignment with the mission, activities, and primary segment of the ISIC Association
  • Demonstrated leadership, innovation and creativity
  • Geographical scope of activities (multi-region or international reach favourable).

The 2016 ISIC Award winner

The ISIC Association and MasterCard  were pleased to announce that the International  Student Exchange Programmes, ISEP was selected as the winner of the 2016 ISIC Award.  The worthy winner was announced during a special ISIC Award Ceremony and Reception on 12 May during the final evening of the 2016 ISIC Event in Toronto, Canada.

For more information on the 2016 ISIC Award winner, please read the press release.

For more information about the ISIC Award and nomination procedure please contact us.

Previous ISIC Award winners

  • 2015 ISIC Award: edX, an online learning destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere.
  • 2014 ISIC Award: Institute of International Education (IIE), An independent not-for-profit founded in 1919, IIE is among the world’s largest and most experienced international education and training organizations.
  • 2013 ISIC Award: University of the People (UoPeople), a global non-profit, degree-granting, tuition- free online university dedicated to opening the gates to higher education for all individuals otherwise constrained.
  • 2012 ISIC Award: International Association of Universities (IAU), the worldwide association of higher education institutions.
  • 2011 ISIC Award: AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organisation, providing students with leadership opportunities and internship and development programmes.