How to become a Provisional Exclusive Representative (PER)

We are looking forward to welcome new members in our ISIC Community. We hope that your knowledge, experience and fresh ideas will bring an added value to ISIC both on local and global level.

The PER will be responsible for the development of ISIC in its respective territory and cover the following activities:

  1. creation of an ISIC distribution network (online and offline)
  2. development of a discount and benefit network for local and foreign ISIC holders
  3. cooperation with education, financial, transportation and other institutions (including local and central governments) with the goal to develop a multifunctional, technologically advanced ISIC
  4. ISIC marketing and promotion activities.

PER status grants provisional (time-or-condition-limited) exclusive distribution rights and obligations in a territory. If you are interested to apply, first step is to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI), via email to Upon receiving this EOI, the ISIC Service Office sends these application guidelines, instructions and the timelines to participate in the tender. Then, you’ll prepare and submit the Business Plan and results would be expected after 30 days of Business plan submission.

PER may issue the ISIC to students through its own offline or online outlets, and via wholesale distribution agreements with other organizations such as universities, financial institutions, travel agents and student organizations.

Traditionally, ISIC PERs are organizations such as student travel organizations, national student unions, non-government organizations or business companies solely dedicated to the development of the ISIC. However, the call is open for any organization or company that desires to develop the ISIC.

We encourage you to become part of our team. We are happy and excited about your contribution to the ISIC Community. Warmest welcome!

If you are interested in becoming the Provisional Exclusive Representative for ISIC in your country, please contact us.