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There are many ways in which organisations and businesses can work with the ISIC Association at both a global, regional and national level to support students internationally. Find out more information below and contact us to see how you can partner with ISIC.

Become an ISIC issuer

As part of the ISIC Association’s Territory Development Strategy, we aim to grow our issuing partner network worldwide to ensure as many students as possible have access to the ISIC card and its benefits internationally.

The ISIC is distributed in more than 100 countries through a network of ISIC Exclusive Representatives (ERs), Provisional Exclusive Representatives (PERs) or Appointed Offices (AOs). Exclusive Representatives and Provisional Exclusive Representatives have the exclusive authority and responsibility to distribute, promote and develop the ISIC within their country, however the Exclusive Representative status is rewarded upon successful development, promotion and distribution of ISIC in a country as a PER.

Here you can review all ISIC Association Issuers (AOs, PERs and ERs) worldwide.

Become a card partner

What is a co-branded card?

A co-branded card is a unique all-in-one card which combines the ISIC, IYTC or ITIC card and a partner organisation’s branding and services in an effort to best service a common or shared target market. The result is a convenient card package that allows the cardholder to access both the partner’s product and services, and the ISIC benefits and student identity element all within a single card.

Current ISIC co-brand partners include academic institutions, student organisations, financial institutions and banks, as well as other commercial partners such as transportation and travel insurance companies.

Why become a card partner?

Upgrade your services to students
Producing a co-branded card with ISIC allows you to upgrade your student card offer to an internationally recognised and endorsed identity card. Cardholders also gain access to 42,000 attractive discounts and benefits relevant to all aspects of student life.

Up-to-date technology
ISIC keeps up-to-date with the latest card technology and can offer multiple technology solutions to suit different needs.

Ease of production
ISIC takes on the responsibility for producing the cards and on a partners’ behalf. Because of the large number of cards we produce each year, ISIC has access to the most competitive rates.

Academic co-brands

The ISIC card doubles as the official student card at more than 1,000 universities worldwide. Academic co-brands allow universities and other education institutions to upgrade their regular student identity cards to an internationally recognised, UNESCO endorsed identity card providing access to over 42,000 benefits worldwide.

There are many possibilities with co-branded academic cards that can be tailored to your institution’’s needs. One card simple card can include the technology in order to support on campus activities such as access control to the campus, library and payment functionality, access to dormitories and monitoring class and exam attendance. As the card technology experts, ISIC can manage the successful development and delivery of your tailored university card in consultation with your institution.

Financial co-brands


A financial co-brand usually is an ISIC card which includes a payment function as well as the identity and benefit aspects of a standard ISIC card. Over 10% of all ISIC cards are financial co-brands, offering students not only ISIC benefits but a safe and secure way to manage their money.  An all-in-one card with ISIC provides numerous advantages for partner banks:

Attracting new customers 
Attracting students at an early age begins a potential life-long relationship between the individual and the bank. The fact that your bank card doubles up as an ISIC card is a powerful incentive for students to choose your bank over competitors.

Building relationships for the future
Build relationships with future affluent customers by offering them an attractive and secure product that responds to their needs for today.

Utilising ISIC’s reputation 
ISIC’s sound reputation and credibility with students will reflect positively on the bank.

Contact us today to discuss co-brand opportunities.


Become an ISIC benefit partner

Whether you are looking to offer an attractive local, national, regional or global benefit for students, ISIC is the right partner for you! It is our aim to make as many benefits, discounts and opportunities available to students to support them through their daily student life.

Engage with students!

Partnering with ISIC demonstrates you take student customers seriously and care about their personal development.

No financial investment required

ISIC benefit partners pay nothing to the ISIC Association to become affiliated. The ISIC Association simply requires you to offer a relevant, attractive discount or benefit to all ISIC cardholders.

One solution, many markets

ISIC benefit partners can easily reach multiple markets around the world in an efficient, cost-effective and coordinated way. The ISIC Service Office provides the advice, support, design and technical know-how to develop marketing solutions best suited to students..

Guaranteed to reach students

Due to our strong student verification process, the ISIC Association guarantees that the benefits that partners offer ISIC cardholders are accessed only by students. All ISIC cards have a unique serial number stored in our central database, which means the ISIC Association can also provide partners with online card validation.

Contact us now to discuss discount and benefit partnership opportunities.

Our partners

The ISIC Association works with a number of global partners who are committed to supporting students around the world. Click on each of our partners below to see what special benefits, discounts and services are available to ISIC cardholders internationally.

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