The first online event, „ISIC Event at Home“, took place via Zoom platform on the 27th and 28th October 2020, attracting more than 80 participants from over 40 countries.  

The goal of the first day of the „ISIC Event at Home“ was to present a global and local overview of the current situation caused by COVID19, challenges during the pandemics, as well as the ways of how to move forward. Through the panel discussions divided per region (Europe, North and South Americas, Asia, and Middle East and Africa) the ISIC community shared their experience, challenges and opportunities they have been experiencing during the period of pandemics.

Furthermore, ISIC Community have had the opportunity to hear about the global overview of the current situation, presented through by the Chair of the  Board, Matt East.  His encouraging message was well received: ’’We are after all, still here, still standing, still smiling, still fighting and looking at the future, ready to adapt and seek new opportunities.’’ 

The second day of the „ISIC Event at Home“ was dedicated to present to the Community examples of good practical ans successful cooperation in the field of Higher Educational Institutions (HEI), Commercial and Social media. ISIC Members and sometimes together with some of their partners, generously shared their experiences, steps and tips for starting and establishing new partnerships in these fields.

The last session was reserved for a Q&A session with the ISIC Board, where a lot od different ideas ans visions were shared, with only one goal in Mnd: Make ISIC better and more prepared for the Future. The Board Members answered the questions of the issuers on several topics.

We all believe that the only way to succeed is to stay positive, have mutual goal and move forward together!