More about the ISIC Event

The annual ISIC Event is a unique and dynamic annual event for key organisations engaged with the international student community and the ISIC card.

The  ISIC Event is the top event each year for ISIC card issuers and a valuable event for ISIC global partners, endorsement partners, student organisations and other associations looking to reach and support the international student community. The ISIC Event creates a platform for collaboration and inspiration, resulting in greater innovation, and improved benefits and engagement in the world of ISIC, where students are at the core.

First introduced in 2011, each year the ISIC Event is held in a country that showcases an important aspect of the ISIC cards history or development.

Previous ISIC Events:

2011 ISIC Event – Tallin
2012 ISIC Event – Miami
2013 ISIC Event – Copenhagen (ISIC 60th Anniversary)
2014 ISIC Event – Seoul
2015 ISIC Event – Belgrade
2016 ISIC Event – Toronto
2017 ISIC Event – Berlin
2018 ISIC Event – Taipei
2019 ISIC Event – Thessaloniki
2020 ISIC Event at Home – online

ISIC Event Dubai 2021

The ISIC event presents a unique opportunity to have most of the ISIC community members in one place to share information, experience, and best practices, and to present all new ideas, opportunities and partnerships established during the year.   

The Annual ISIC Event will take place in Dubai, UAE from 25th till 29th October 2021.

Having in mind the well-known circumstances caused by Covid19, and different restrictions/recommendations in different countries, this year’s event will be organized in a hybrid format, with in-person and online options for attendance.

Registrations made for Dubai Event in 2020 are still valid for these dates.

If you have not been registered for ISIC Event 2021, please register at the following link.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ISIC Event Dubai 2021!