Amsterdam, The Netherlands– 28 May 2019 The International Student Identity Card, a globally accepted proof of full-time student status, unveiled a newly refreshed identity, featuring new card designs and a modernised logo. The brand refresh represents both the evolution of ISIC, as well as giving cardholders a clear, simple and professional sign of membership of belonging to a global community.

ISIC has been supporting the international student community for 65 years. Created by a pioneering and innovative group of European students in 1953, ISIC is now a global brand providing virtual and plastic identities to students, teachers and youth around the world. Every year millions of students use ISIC to prove their official student status and access thousands of student discounts, offers and services worldwide.

“Innovation is at the heart of the ISIC brand and our refreshed logo and card designs convey the continuing evolution and growth of ISIC while also increasing brand flexibility. As the digital and mobile landscapes evolve, the ISIC is now positioned to embrace new opportunities and areas of expansion more than ever before” reported Matt East, Chairman of the ISIC Association Board.

Over the next 12 months, all 127 local ISIC issuers throughout the world will transition to the new branding, with complete adoption of the new card designs estimated for early 2020. “Although our logo and cards are changing, what’s not changing is the heart of our mission, our commitment to support access to education and intercultural exchange opportunities to make student life better across the globe!”

About the International Student Identity Card

ISIC Association is the non-profit organisation behind the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). First established in 1953, the ISIC card is now issued to students in close to 130 countries to all eligible students over the age of 12, regardless of their nationality, race, gender or religion. The ISIC card is an internationally accepted proof of bonafide student status and gives access worldwide to over 150,000 products, services or experiences in every stage and area of student life.

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