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ISIC Association joins UNWTO

In October 2013 the ISIC Association was accepted as an Affiliate Member of the UNWTO World Tourism Organization. The ISIC Association’s Affiliate Membership to UNWTO was officially approved by the UNWTO General Assembly at its 20th session, held in Zimbabwe in August 2013.

As part of the official confirmation of the ISIC Association’s Affiliate Membership status, Yolanda Perdomo, Director of the UNWTO Affiliate Members, stated “Your institution, its knowledge and potential for collaboration for creating a tourism sector that is more ethical, responsible and able to generate wealth around the world, can enhance our activities. Together, we may contribute to improving the tourism sector for the benefit of the wider international community and we hope that you will soon start to enjoy the benefits of membership.”

The ISIC Association greatly encourages the emphasis that UNWTO places on student and youth travel as it is our belief that travel experiences lead to improved intercultural understanding and greater tolerance amongst young people internationally. More than just a membership on paper, it is the intention of the ISIC Association  to reach out and work closely with UNWTO and its members on concrete projects, policies, events and research projects in support of young people.